• ЕМБС: 7322356
  • Индустрија: Едукација
  • Адреса: Јордан Мијалков 40А
  • Град: Скопје
  • Веб: www.ipmoadvisory.com
  • Основана во 2002
About IPMO Advisory Switzerland is well known for its quality, its chocolate, and cheese but it also has the high patents per-capita and its in the top three most innovative countries. IPMO Advisory AG is a Swiss company located on the lake of Zürich and has extensive experience across many sectors in innovation, design, teaching, advisory and consulting. IPMO Advisory has an office in Skopje and is opening an office in Canada. Its partners including AIPMO (Association of International PMOs) are focused on training, development solutions, higher education to the MSc and DBA levels in the field of Strategy, Project Leadership and PMOs. IPMO Advisory and its partners offer courses in locations such as London, Zurich, Geneva, Copenhagen, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain, Riyadh, and Lisbon.