Distillery Project Manager

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About The Project

Salience is acting as a recruiting agency for a new distillation start-up company in Skopje.

We are seeking a project manager for a 3-month project to help launch a new distillery.  The successful candidate will have an opportunity to take on the role of Distillery Manager after launch, if he or she demonstrates the right knowledge, aptitude and ability.

Macedonia is home to the finest juniper berries in the world.  Macedonian Juniper is famous in gin making as the key ingredient of the most prestigious gins.  Yet there is no gin made in Macedonia.

In the autumn of 2019, we will bring gin back home to Macedonia by launching the first Macedonian gin into the local and international markets.  Based in the centre of Skopje, and made in small batches in our Alembic copper still, our gin will be made using only premium ingredients and with the care and attention that only a craft distillery can provide.

The role of the Distillery Project Manager is to lead the and coordinate on all activities required to launch the distillery:

Job Description:

  • Coordinating the completion of fit-out works by ensuring that the contractor delivers specified works on time
  • Working with our Master Distiller to prepare the documents for obtaining all necessary licenses and permits (health and safety etc.)
  • Working directly with our Distillery Engineer to ensure that the fit-out contractors are working in accordance with best principles when laying out the flow-of-work from distillation to storage to bottling
  • Working with the government to comply with the new laws on micro-distillery operations
  • Working with Customs department to obtain approvals on the flowmeter and to register the distillery as required

A Distillery Project manager is also expected to demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Knowledge of import and export, including importing ethanol, and exporting finished product
  • Ability to oversee distillery operations, distillation process and bottling to maintain production schedules
  • Attention to detail and the ability to drive contractors to deliver work on time
  • Good verbal and written communication skills

In order to progress to the role of Distillery General Manager the following qualities will be necessary.

  • Experience working with distributors to create sales channels for in-country and international distribution
  • Ability to manage and branded host events at local nightlife hotspots
  • Work with local bar and restaurant owners to promote the new gin

Please send your CV to jobs@salience.consulting