Revenue Manager and Channel Expert

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  • ДККУ Ноубук
  • Активен до 21.09.2021
  • Позиција: Менаџер/управник/директор
  • Локација: Скопје

Активни огласи од ДККУ Ноубук:

Customer care representative

Godo is a Property Management System (PMS) that in addition to the technical system that we provide, offers a range of optional premium services for properties for an additional fee, one of them being combined revenue management and channel expertise. Within the department that handles the mentioned service, we have around 80 properties ranging from apartments to 100+ room hotels. We are helping these properties to optimize the profit they generate by optimizing the rates they publish on a day-by-day basis (i.e. dynamic rates) and the channels that they use (e.g., Expedia/, Airbnb, and direct sales) with high focus on streamlining and scalability.

Your will be a part of a smaller team focusing on these properties and will handle the operational and eventually strategic work needed to ensure that each property is achieving their maximum profit each day, taking internal (e.g. limitations set by the owners/hotel managers) and external factors (e.g. demand and competition) into account.

You would be working on:

  • Review your properties’ changes in future occupancy and manually adjust rates mostly based on current occupancy, competition and demand
  • Keep updated on all applicable sales channels (mainly Online Travel Agencies or “OTAs”) and use them to optimize sales for your properties
  • Learn the insides of our platform, Godo PMS, to be able to adjust the system in order come up with relevant revenue management solutions
  • Work with our Revenue Management System (RMS) “Room Price Genie” to automate our services and be able make more educated rate decisions
  • Communicate with the relevant decision maker (e.g. owner, property manager or revenue manager) for each property to:
    • Ensure that they are satisfied with the services we provide
    • Obtain information need to optimize their profit
    • Be able to present ideas and possibly need to convince the purpose of said idea through communication skills and expertise
  • Communicate with the rest of the team, mainly through email and video chat, in order to update, learn and come up with ways of improving our services to the properties
  • Keep up with market trends and developments within accommodation and hospitality tech

Besides your passion for numbers and tourism you should have:

  • Outstanding communication skills in English, both written and spoken;
  • Hotel (or other types of accommodation) work experience;
  • Revenue management, statistics or analytics experience;
  • Graduated in business-oriented university education or similar;
  • Naturally gifted with math and ratios;
  • Skilled in Excel/Google Sheets;
  • Attention to details;
  • Able to quickly and easily learn how to work with new software solutions;
  • Comfortable working in a team and collaborate.

So, if you are a dynamic and analytical person who wants to play a strategic role in our team based in Skopje, send us your CV at [најави се за да го видиш е-маилот]