Вокс Тенео Македонија

ЕМБС: 6943314
Индустрија: Компјутери и електроника
Адреса: ул. Томе Арсовски бр. 14
Град: Скопје
Телефон: 023225227
Facebook: voxteneo
A defining feature of Vox Teneo’s character and culture is that it is a product of the rigour, ingenuity and flexibility of the founders and all its employees, not the product of financial investment.

Vox Teneo was established in 2002 to serve the IT needs of major clients in Belgium and France. Hard work and living up to our values have led to the natural growth of the company. Building strong bonds with our clients has led to a progressive change of the business model from a service to a product-based company. Today Vox Teneo is a shareholder in multiple digital products that facilitate the work of lawyers, musicians, real estate agents, fashion enthusiasts and even crematorium managers.

Vox Teneo is present in five countries: Belgium, North Macedonia, Indonesia, Luxembourg and Singapore. Thanks to the locations of our offices, Vox Teneo is able to work around the clock, offering 24/7 support to our customers and business partners.

Being an IT company, Vox Teneo is able to work across borders and continents. We benefit from the cultural differences and markets we are present in.

Today, efficiency is key.

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