Social Media Researcher

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  • MediaTech Support
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  • Позиција: Новинар/Медиум
  • Локација: Скопје

MediaTech Support is start-up company offering support and multimedia services to independent editorial teams working for the world's leading English-language media we are part of global team that has offices in Vienna 

Located in Skopje, Macedonia, we already have an established relationship with our clients who are engaged in generating independent news for international publications. 

We offer multimedia services and content ranging from pictures and video through to news items. We also offer related services such as IT support, cuttings and graphic design. 

 We have a team of qualified professionals to support the journalistic and editorial work of our clients and our team is growing all the time. 

Looking to expand our team further, we are searching for motivated candidates to be part of our company that so far has a team in Spain, Moldova, France our company is growing day by day and we want our Macedonian team do grow as well.

The Social media researcher will initially be employed locally in Skopje to monitor news media from a corresponding region. This mainly will involve searching the Social media platforms for potential news stories. Articles are written on a wide variety of topics ranging from general news to domestic affairs, politics, sports, and society. The idea is finding and researching social media platforms for interesting and news wordy contents such as videos and pictures and story's that journalist are able to convert different sources of information into an article suitable for a British audience. They need to pay attention to detail, accuracy, and be able to distinguish facts from unverified claims, as well as main issues from side issues.

If you find this opportunity interesting, have the skills and most of all, want to be part of an organisation that gives you the opportunity to make an impact in the journalism world, please submit your up-to-date CV (in English) to:, with the subject line