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Report to: Head of Business Unit - Sales & Business Development 

Office: Shtip

Working Hours: Sunday – Thursday 07:30 – 15:45


10:00 - 10:15

13:00 – 13:30


Learning and Development professional, with great internal drive who has the ability to promote LEORON’s entire portfolio of products and services, while providing top notch customized solutions to clients. Ensure high-end, continuous customer satisfaction. Coordinate and proactively identify all client’s requirements; negotiate prices and promote additional services. Strengthen LEORON’s position on the assigned market. Successfully oversee and coordinate all PM activities for own projects


Monthly Salary: Per signed contract

Annual Bonus: Target Based Bonus

Additional Benefits

Professional Development Training Daily meal provided at the Company’s Cantina Wellness Program at the company’s gym, seminars Corporate discount for purchasing a mobile device 21 Days of paid holiday, per year + national and religious holidays (fully respecting and complying with Macedonia’s Labor Law)


Attending LEORON Training Courses delivered by our Top Experts and Consultants, in various areas.  We build, develop, and grow our people, to be the best experts in the industry.


In Leoron Institute we have a defined structure and journey, with promotion and advancement opportunities. As we grow as a company, more positions open, for our employees to grow further.


Opportunity to learn from the best of the best, experts in their field and seasoned professionals.  Working with Leaders who support your development and growth.


We have 12+ different nationalities in our Leoron Family. Diversity is what makes us unique, having everyone have the same opportunities equally.


In a big corporation like ours, you’ll have the opportunity to meet different people, socialize and connect.


We have organized Breakfast/ Lunch in our office for every day; many Events, Health and Wellness Activities, and Socializing Events for our Leoronians.


Being a stable company, our employees stay for many years with us.


We have one of the top salaries in the market, with extra target and performance based bonuses.


We are all aiming at the same goal, being successful, building a career and being the best. You will be surrounded by top professionals.


·        Bachelor’s Degree (General, Economics, Law, Communication, Languages) OBLIGATORY

·        English Language Proficiency (Business English, both written and spoken)

·        Master’s Degree (recommended)


Maintain and expand prospects database, within assigned territory, to pursue strategic growth opportunities and provide clients with long-term value.

Do a thorough research (not limited to LinkedIn) and locate potential clients.

Expand the clients’ database on daily basis.

Conduct (phone) sales presentations to new clients by following Leoron’s 7 Steps Pitch - minimum of 15 successful sales presentations.

Maintain email communication as well as WhatsApp and LinkedIn messaging  with (potential) clients: send follow-up emails for missed calls, promotional emails, confirmation email upon registering for a course, congratulations email, upon completing a course

Respond to customer needs and requirements by offering unequivocal training solutions (assisted by TL or Senior)

Service existing customers and focus on development of new ones.

Collaborating with Senior and TL in developing own personal skills and as well as clients as clients.

Working as a part of Business Unit, effectively reporting to a Unit Head.

Carry-out thorough market research for given projects and assert potential, target group, opportunities, and competitors.

Anticipate, listen to and respond to customer needs and requirements by offering supreme customer care. Ensure highest customer experience and relationship building.

Advertise and promote assigned public courses and portfolio, on social media.

Generate, maintain and build close relationships with new and existing large accounts throughout the year by being coached and mentored by your TL and Head.

Coordinate and control all activities with the support functions related to: course location, travelling arrangements, material management and customer experience.

This position might require traveling to GCC countries and/or the location of Key Clients for the purpose of executing public courses or meeting clients.

Please apply by submitting your CV at this address:  [најави се за да го видиш е-маилот]

Deadline for applications is: 15th of Feburary 2023

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