Real Estate Back Office Support

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Активни огласи од ПАВ Мотиви:

Data Entry (Russian language) - Правник - Оffice Administrator - Marketing Manager

Motivi Employments, for its client Property One Real Estate and Development, an innovative real-estate agency, co-work hub, and consulting agency, with a deep experience in the local market, is looking for a:

Real Estate Back Office Support


  • Maintaining regular communication and fielding client requests consistently
  • First contact with clients and forwarding an initial proposal
  • Using contacts and all possible channels to expand our offer
  • Assigning requests to agents
  • Continuous updating of the system with new offers and follow-up communication with previous clients
  • Post-sale activities
  • Drafting contracts
  • Мanage various client requests, communicate with clients, schedule meetings, and generally monitor processes in the sector.


  • Оrganizational skills - a highly organized individual
  • Communication skills - verbal and written communication skills are vital in this role, as a significant portion of the daily activities involves communicating with clients
  • Customer-oriented - should be service-focused and consistently proactively engage with clients, responding to their requests promptly.
  • Taking initiative in problem-solving
  • Detail-oriented - demonstrating meticulous precision in tasks, ensuring thoroughness and completeness without overlooking any details.
  • Business expertise - having a network of connections, comprehending processes, and being well-informed about the real estate market.

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