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Smidgin is the new craft gin in Macedonia.  Smidgin has been in production for 6 months and after winning several awards is becoming more popular in Macedonia.  We are now seeking a full-time Distillery Manager for our distillery which is located in the MCM building in Skopje city centre.

Macedonia is home to the finest juniper berries in the world.  Macedonian Juniper is famous in gin making as the key ingredient of the most prestigious gins.  Yet there until Smidgin there was no gin made in Macedonia.  Based in the centre of Skopje and made in small batches in our Alembic copper still, our gin is made using only premium ingredients and with the care and attention that only a craft distillery can provide.

The distillery team presently consists of a master distiller, a distiller, a brand ambassador and three interns. Smidgin now needs Distillery Manager to act as a leader and to meet the objectives of Smidgin’s business case

The role of the Distillery Manager is to lead and coordinate on all activities required to operate the distillery and oversee a growth in sales. The distillery manager is one of the most senior positions at a distillery and is responsible ensuring that the routine operation of the distillery continues successfully. This role includes overseeing the production line and warehousing of gin and ensuring a rolling inventory of critical items (such as bottles, ingredients, base spirit, etc.)

The distillery manager is responsible for driving improvement at a distillery. They must constantly look for new ways to improve production processes and the efficiency of the distillery.

This role involves a mixture of office duties and hands-on tasks on the production line and storage. This distillery manager must be capable of leading staff and appropriately directing resources. It is a demanding role but it is also very rewarding and exciting.

Distillery Manager Responsibilities

  • Manage the distillery’s workforce to meet production targets
  • Ensure the distillery’s departments have enough staff available to meet production goals. This must be done while observing budgetary restraints.
  • Work in conjunction with the production line and technical staff to ensure the distillery’s products remain high quality.
  • The distillery manager will be responsible for ensuring that distillery equipment is used effectively and maintained correctly.
  • Monitor costs during the production process
  • Ensure health and safety compliance - One of the key tasks for a distillery manager is making sure that the distillery is a safe place to work. Working with other staff, they will ensure the necessary workplace safety regulations are strictly adhered to.
  • Ensure compliance with environmental regulations
  • Organise the maintenance and repair (if needed) of equipment
  • Work with the marketing team and upper management to develop better ways to market the distillery. A distillery manager will support the Brand Ambassador by meeting with customers and promoting the distillery at events.
  • Keep records about the production process and warehousing of gin.
  • Produce regulatory documents to comply with requirements from Customs and other government agencies
  • Experience working with distributors to create sales channels for in-country and international distribution

Work Experience

  • A significant amount of experience working at a distillery or similar food production facility and supervising the production of food products
  • Experience managing staff
  • Experience with project management and supervision of budgets
  • Some knowledge of import and export, including importing ethanol, and exporting finished product

Key Skills

  • Very strong communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to influence
  • Computer skills
  • Fastidious approach to record keeping
  • Strong focus on continual improvement
  • Management skills
  • Inventory management skills
  • Strategic planning ability
  • Marketing skills
  • Operations management and supply chain management
  • Environmental awareness
  • Minimum 5 years’experience of production management and related project management activities


Please send us CV relevant experience including full contact details for immediate and confidential consideration to [најави се за да го видиш е-маилот]

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