Market Researcher - Business Contact Developer

  • Објавен пред еден месец
  • Активен до 18.08.2020
  • Позиција: Економист/сметководител/ревизор
  • Локација: Скопје

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Артигум Менаџмент е успешна интернационална компанија која повеќе години е активна во Република Македонија, како и во повеќе балкански земји и Германија. Заради зголемен обем на работа и проширување на дејноста потребено ни е:


Market Researcher & Business Contact Developer 

  1. Qualifications: 

  • Strategic market attractiveness analysis

  • Decision maker analysis

  • Needs analysis, purchase motive analysis

  • Competitive analysis, competitive comparison

  • Identification of potential sales markets for a (existing or new) product

  • Trading Business Experience, preferably in chemical industries  

  • Technical knowledge and understanding of production processes 

  • Good knowledge of English language

  • Bachelor's degree 

  1. Responsibilities in this role:

  • Planning, coordinating and administering market research 

Identifying potential business opportunities and establishment of contact

  1. In this role, successful candidates will be able to:

  • Define and analyze target markets where the product should be sold. 

  • Identify (new) areas of application for the companies products

  • Find products or manufacturing processes that are currently work with substitution products but could be replaced or improved by our solutions

  • Select most attractive countries / regions 

  • Find companies in the industries and establish business relationships

  • Calculate sales potential

  • Identify all companies that are potential customers

  • Determine of the competitor’s aim   

  • Identify and visit the most important trade fairs and industry events

       4.We offer:

  • The satisfaction of our employees is important to us, because the key to our success lies with them, their innovative ideas and their commitment.

  • In addition to an interesting and innovative work environment, we offer you an attractive performance-based compensation.

  • We attach great importance to the compatibility of work and family and a balanced work-life balance. With us, you benefit from family-friendly core working hours and the option of part-time or home office offers.


  1. Send your CV and motivation letter to :