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Quality Assurance Engineer

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We believe that the quality should be embedded in the code, we do not squash bugs we prevent them. Quality is a team effort, come join us and experience a different kind of work environment!


A primary anchor for Quality on the delivery team, bringing leadership in testing to gear the team to follow the right set of testing practices, tools, metrics, etc. while being very much hands-on in all kinds of testing activities. A breadth of understanding around business, development, and infrastructure, domain, etc. and an understanding that “quality” manifests in all these aspects. Always has half a mind on the service-consumer, and advocates for them in all discussions. Mentors and grows new QAs on the team and are a key point of contact for all quality related conversations for stakeholders.

  • Alignment of business and development teams with quality strategies, risks & mitigations
  • Influences stakeholders on the overall quality and practices
  • Quality mindset and testing practices across the team
  • Excellence in testing practices and tools
  • High quality software delivery to production that satisfies the overall business goals and user’s needs
  • Robust, scalable automation suites enabling continuous delivery
  • Continually reducing cycle time, numbers of failed deployments, and mean-time to-recovery. Continually increasing numbers of deployments to production


Key responsibilities

  • Business and technology alignment: Ability to assess and challenge the current alignment of business and technology teams so as to ensure business goals, strategies and roadmaps, communications with customers, acquisition of potential customers, and delivery of services to the end user is jointly-owned.
  • Continuous Integration: Ability to write code in a way that supports Continuous Integration of code, that is, frequently committing changes to a single trunk or master.
  • Cross functional requirements testing: Ability to validate the quality perspectives of different cross-functional requirements like accessibility, usability, availability, etc across the application using relevant processes, methodologies, and tools.
  • Database testing: Ability to strategize testing around database behaviours (serializable, linearizable, repeatable reads etc) and data lifecycle (extraction, transformation, etc) and establishing relevant processes, tools, and methods to ensure quality.
  • Manual exploratory testing: Ability to do hands-on manual testing of the application at different layers with an understanding of quality from different dimensions like business goals, development architecture, infrastructure, user segments, etc to accredit the application as quality software.
  • Test automation: ability to strategize and design test automation holistically at different layers of the application which will enable faster and continuous delivery.
  • Vulnerability testing: Ability to perform manual exploratory testing for vulnerabilities in both applications and infrastructure and show how to mitigate.
  • Performance testing: Ability to understand and validate various performance related requirements in an application across different layers using different tools and techniques.
  • Quality strategy: Ability to holistically visualize 'Quality' from a business perspective and convert that to observable action items for delivery teams. Typically includes plans for testing tools, techniques, processes, testing team size, metrics, reports, stakeholder collaboration plans, etc.
  • Stakeholder management: Ability to identify, analyse, plan and implement actions that engage and build relationships as well as sustain them long term through effective expectation management, so as to enable each party to reach their goals.
  • Effective communication: Ability to address different messages and different audiences in a customized manner not only in order to achieve clear communication, but also to provoke the desired action when necessary.
  • Agile & Lean Principles: guides and champions lean and agile principles for achieving quality, adaptability, speed & alignment. This includes the practices, techniques and tools that support those principles, and an understanding of when things may or may not be applicable in a situation or context.
  • Giving & Receiving Feedback: solicits and engages with feedback on a continuous basis. Has timely, actionable and meaningful conversations about performance for the purpose of shaping behaviours and fostering learning, with the goal of strengthening confidence and improving the effectiveness of self and others.
  • Emotional Intelligence: recognizes, understands and manages their own emotions and recognizes, understands, shares and influences the emotions of others.
  • Collaboration: works jointly with others to co-create and achieve a common goal. This includes learning, practising and experimenting with tools, techniques and frameworks that foster collaborative working environments.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Informatics or relative experience in the industry
  • Relative certificates for Quality Assurance like IQSTB or similar
  • Excellent English both written and spoken


  • 3+ years of quality analyst experience, some of which developing software
  • Experience working with Extreme Programming methods
  • Experience working within a cross-functional delivery team
  • Experience working with Evolutionary Architecture and how to test it effectively using fitness functions


  • Drives to Outcomes: focuses on results and desired outcomes and how best to achieve them. Able to execute plans through to action. Persistent to complete tasks and a strong commitment to take action that moves things along to ensure delivery of objectives.
  • Ownership & Accountability: takes personal accountability and ownership for their work. This includes personal follow through, making and defending difficult decisions and tradeoffs, removing blockers, driving collective progress.
  • Continuous Improvement: advances by ongoing, incremental improvement through continuous learning, questioning the status quo and trying out creative and novel ideas. Shows curiosity and has a keen interest to drive learning for themselves and others

Other information

Mission and Values

Our mission is to be both the Technology Partner and Employer of choice for the UK General Insurance Market. Our values are central to this vision, as they represent how we collaborate how we work together in synergy and continually deliver for our customers:

  • Accountability: We take personal pride in finding solutions and achieving results
  • Innovation: We lead the market by being proactive, product-led and forward thinking
  • Teamwork: We work collaboratively, recognising and celebrating success
  • Trust: We build trust on integrity, transparency and respect

We are looking for an individual who embraces our values in their actions, decisions, communications and processes to inspire positivity and, ultimately, exceptional performance.

Benefits package

  • Competitive salary depending on skills and experience
  • Positive, friendly and fun working environment
  • Support for personal and professional development
  • Private health insurance package
  • Referral bonuses
  • Social events
  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote work

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