Плата од 24.000 ден. до 30.000 ден.

ORRAJ International Group is specialized in producing, distributing and trading Animal feed, roughages and forages throughout Middle East, Europe and North Africa. 

Job opportunity is available in our company:

  - Secretary with Financial skills

• Secretary experience (archiving, appointment, preparing documents and applications, reporting,…) 
• knowledge of accounting on daily basis including making annual reports (certified accountant, obligatory);
• knowledge of controlling of all financial transactions, bills and accounting in the company (obligatory);
• knowledge of analysing and giving suggestions regarding cutting costs, making more profits, dealing with cash flow and similar;
• Following the instructions of the company chair board's instructions until the given tasks and targets are finished successfully.
• knowledge of Creativity in Financial Management and cash flow control;
• Experience is required 
• Fluently speaking English and Macedonian (preferably Albanian as well, but not obligatory).
• Willing to work individually and in a team in an accurate way.
• Preferably University graduate (Secretary or economics or management, finance or agronomist university graduate).
• Flexible for working overtime in season including weekends which will be given as free days in winter.
• Driving License (obligatory).
• for Applicants from Skopje, transportation is available with the company car. 

There will be a paid trial month minimum salary, according to the results of this month, the salary will start from 24000 to 30000 MKD and will get developed by adding value to the company.
There will be bonuses, they will be given according to achieved targets.
Applicants should expect to work 8 working hours per day in Sveti Nikole 5 days a week and half Saturdays. 

We encourage qualified candidates to email us their CV to the following email address: [најави се за да го видиш е-маилот]  
Tel: +389 70 357 065

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